Google+ : What’s in and what’s up?

Less than 48 hours since the Google+ launch. What does really Google+ targets? Though Google+ is a mixture of a lot of content and Google says there is yet to come, it is all tied with the main concept, the Circles. And this circles, much hyped as the future of social networking haven’t been picked up by the other two major players. Facebook have the Lists option which allows you filter your friends by category, it is almost hidden. It could be seen only on the options in the Chat pop-up. While twitter created the lists, but that failed to make up to what it was actually designed for. Can Google get the things straight?

The Right Cord:


Google+ was a top-secret within the company until it revealed itself. And that was a very right start for them. They did not want any real hype on launching such a big project. Indeed if it lacks even a single bit, then they fail because of the tremendous amount of hype that it had generated before launch. The one that happened with the Google wave and Google +1. So, they got the start right.


Another reason for the failure of Google wave is the very slow rolling out process. It means though you have got the invite and all ready to go waving, there would be none to accompany you. And you have to wave all alone. Google plus did the things right. Though they are still in the field test, they now offer invites ( and probably unlimited, as opposed to the initial 20 in Wave) to add all your friends.


And yes, the big thing – the Circles. This is not something new for Google. They have already tried this group sharing in the sinking ship, Orkut. But eventually it failed as it was integrated with the Scraps, and in course there were no news feeds – only scraps in Orkut. But as a concept Circles did well even there. And it will do here too.

Visual appeal:

Yuk.. The one thing where Google never won a battle. It had tried a lot on the visual thing and it seems they have got it this time. Adding and removing a friend to a circle is a pleasure. Hats off Google!

Take a note Google:

So far, all good for Google. But this is not the end. One thing i have seen is that you can add a friend/follower to just one circle. That is there is no intersecting circles. For example, if i have a friend, who is my schoolmate as well as collegemate, i can add him to any one of the circles only. This limits him from seeing what i share in the other circle. There is a way for it to create a new circle for School & College mates, and post the same for both but that’s not a better idea.We need this Google!”

And finally though they have got fairly unlimited invites to give out, they put up this on the site..

“Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

I haven’t got my hands to the Google+ yet, though i have got a invite. Meanwhile if you need an invite visit or let your e-mail id in the comments and i will send you an invite as soon as i get access to Google+. After all social is all about sharing..


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