The DLF Gate!

It seems that Arvind Kejriwal always wants to top the headlines. And the scam he exposed today was perfectly planned. Not the scam itself, but the way he exposed it. Besides letting the media know about the press conference on Friday evening, the team let the people directly know what’s going to happen. A text message was sent to all those who have registered with the “India Against Corruption” movement later in the afternoon of Friday. The text message said

Arvind Kejriwal and Prashanth Bhushan are going to reveal the corruption of a most POWERFUL person at 5pm today. Watch it live at Fwd

And then, the rest of the day was a top story! Looking at the speed at which the Congress responded, it looked like they have already smelled this coming their way. Every top leader was ready with their own responses for the scam. The only setback for the yet-to-be-announced political party is that, the amount of scam, estimated to be around Rs.300 crore, is pretty much low compared to the recent CWG, 2G and Coalgate scams.

However, media has got something to chew for the next few days..


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