Kollywood is not Bollywood

Kaththi – probably the most awaited movie of the year for Vijay fans brought along with it a strong social message. But critics are quick to pounce upon as Vijay, who acted as an activist against Cola companies in the movie, was also the brand ambassador for Coca Cola few years back. The fans of the actor backed him saying he is just an actor, and not an activist or ideologist. When such things happen in Bollywood or even Tollywood, nobody would dare raise a question. But Kollywood is neither. Kollywood is different.

Why? Ever since the beginning of Tamil Cinema, it has been a medium of activism and ideology. And that is the reason why Tamil cinema is considered to be the gateway to Tamil Nadu politics. Kollywood has produced most politicians than any other film industry in the country. And there is a reason for the same.

There was another news last week, the demise of one of the greatest actors of Kollywood, SSR. He is an ardent follower of EVR and his atheist principles. Because of his principles, he never acted in any film that was religious. It should have been quite tough in those days, when religious movies dominated the industry. And SSR was not alone – actors including MGR, MR Radha and Tamil cinema’s greatest comedian NSK – lived on the same ideologies in both reel and real lives.

The trend continues with the Rajni – Kamal era too. The actors acted in roles based on their real world beliefs. When both clashed, they simply refused to act.

So, what changed? It is a new era of Vijay – Ajith. So far, they have acted in movies that did not have a strong social message. So, nothing really mattered. They were acting for money, let them do it. But we need to remember one thing that audience hardly changes. From being come from a generation where ideologies are everything, it is hard to digest the fact that one can behave completely differently in reel and real life. Yes, he is acting for money. But, this is not Bollywood, where only money matters. And that is why movies like Chennai Express, Band Baaja Baaraat, Bang Bang are bound to fail here.

I don’t want to criticize Vijay here. Other actors do it too. But what Vijay has done here, is a very bad precedent. This is Kollywood – there is more to a movie than just money.


I’m back!

It’s been quite a sometime since I last wrote a blog. Reasons many, one being my job. But there has been a lot, in the meantime, I wanted to write, but I couldn’t. And finally here, I’m back to writing.

As I decided to write again, I had to decide on what platform should I continue. I had four choices in my mind

  • Tumblr, as my blogs are always short
  • Medium, the hot chick in the town
  • WordPress, tried and tested
  • WordPress backend running on a hosted server

Why no Blogger? Blogger is too mainstream to be considered. And there are quite a few things I don’t like about Google itself. I have long been trying to come out of the Google Empire (that is a separate story, more later).

I had no real allegations against WordPress. But just wanted to consider a few more options. But eventually I have rejected everything and reached back home. I’ll tell you why.


It’s been there for quite some time. But as I went through a lot of blog posts on Tumblr, one thing is clear. It is more about pictures or texts among pictures. But mine is going to be predominantly text. So that is out.


I really wanted to write in Medium. From a reputed clan, it is the hot new thing that everyone wants. There is a big but though. You cannot have a design out of it. Yes, it is minimal. But give me at least a simple design choice, Jack. I want to be me.

And there is WordPress backend

It’s quite cool. I loved it. And it’s coming along. There have been some advantages of hosting it on wordpress.com but now with Jetpack plugin everything is here too. I’m redesigning my website to be predominantly blog oriented. And when it is done, I will be migrating to it.

So far now, I’m back and on WordPress. More soon…

AFCAT Results Cancelled


Looks like this is not the year for the Air Force aspirants. India’s second largest defence service just made an announcement stating the results declared for the Air Force Common Entrance Test (AFCAT) 02/2012 are null and void. Technical difficulties is the reason stated by them for this failure.

A week before, the results of AFCAT are published and the shortlisted candidates are asked to select their AFSB and time slot by logging into their official career website careerairforce.nic.in. But hours later the login to the website was disable citing technical reasons.

A week later, a notification has been put up on the website stating that the results were cancelled and a fresh list of shortlisted candidates will be announced shortly. Seriously this looks more than just a technical difficulty. The list of candidates has been there for about a week before they could pull it off.

This frankly raises a lot of questions and Air Force must come up with a reply for the queries!