Counting down the last days of Snaptu


When Snaptu launched its revamped facebook application a year back, little was known that this is going to be the beginning of the end of one of the all-time favorite J2ME application.

The success of Snaptu lies in the fact that there was no good RSS reader or a twitter app for the s40 series of Nokia (which then covered almost 95% of mobile phone market) as well as other feature phones. Snaptu, powered by the superior interface quickly got into the gap.

It all began with their January 19 announcement, that they will launch a Facebook application for the feature phones in partnership with Facebook itself. Then it was called “Facebook by Snaptu“. Still things were seemed to be well and good.

When rumors about Facebook’s acquisition of Snaptu began in the late February, Snaptu replied by launching a LinkedIn application in partnership with LinkedIn. The voices were over and things became normal once again.

But that doesn’t last long. 5 days later came this blog post from Snaptu, when no one expected.

The Snaptu team is excited to announce today that we recently agreed to be acquired by Facebook.

Right in the blog post, snaptu indicated that the app is counting down its last days.

The acquisition is expected to close within a few weeks.  We’ll have more updates on Snaptu soon, and we’ll be working hard to offer a richer and more advanced Facebook app on virtually every mobile phone. During this transition period, we expect Snaptu will continue to operate as it does today.

But facebook as they do as always, maintained that Snaptu as a product will not be affected by the acquisition. Yes, it was not affected until September. In September both Snaptu and Facebook by Snaptu is removed from distribution from its own servers to give way for “Facebook for every phone“. It was then removed from app stores like GerJar and OVI store, a few weeks later.

The jar file, however was still available in the net and it did work. But with a banner reading “Upgrade to the new Facebook app!” linking to the “Facebook for every phone” application. A few apps were missing but the rest such as Twitter, Facebook, Cricinfo, TechCrunch and Masable! worked (and is still working) well.

This morning (1 Nov 2011), another banner below the previous one was seen on the app reading “Apps ending on 11/11/11”. This was the news item pointed:

On 11/11/11 we’ll end most of our apps, including Twitter, Cricinfo, LinkedIn. These apps will no longer be available. Snaptu is now a part of Facebook, and we strongly encourage you to upgrade to our latest Facebook app.

This is not new for Facebook. They have already done it with Divvyshot, Hot Potato and most recently Beluga.

For those who used snaptu as just an RSS reader, the same app along with Weather Forecast (powered by AccuWeather) and MyMovies are available on the “Facebook for every phone” itself. Yet the loss of Snaptu is great one who used them for Twitter and Cricinfo.


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Google+: Still a crawling baby…

Its a  month old. Yet its a new born baby. That has been the story of Google+ so far. One can be pretty sure that Google is not just designing Google+, instead it is carving the social network to its best. But how long should we wait to see it in full shape? It has been one month since the launch of private field test, and now with the invites springing up in every corner, its possible for almost anyone to enter the zone. But there has been only minor appearance tune ups and there is no big announcements coming till now.. Why is Google taking so much time in introducing the new features. What are they waiting for?


The massive hit of Facebook also lies in their better integration with pages. And at the launch of Google+ everyone was looking forward for this feature. To the dissatisfaction of the brands, there is no pages still though Google still maintains that it is coming very soon. Though a few brands like mashable joined Google+ with a public profile, Google’s terms strictly says that only individuals can have a Google+ account as of now. And that too funky names are prohibited and only the user’s real name should be used.


Another upcoming feature of the Google+ is Games. Google is taking extra care in bringing out the games as this means a lot to them. Needless to say that Zynga will be the first partner of G+ in releasing the games feature, as Google invested a huge money in the popular facebook games producer. Games is one of the most attractive yet the most spammy feature of facebook. So Google has to hit the right tone to make it a success.


Its too odd to see a search feature not incorporated in the social network of the world’s leading search engine. But this is one feature where Google has no option but to be perfect. So it might take some time before they could develop, test, test and test again as long as they can before they implement the feature.

Custom Profile URLs:

The profile URL of a Google+ user (or just a Google Profile) has a numerous numerals in it which it too absurd to remember. Facebook had the same couple of years back and now they have realized to have the custom profile ids. The fear of Google is that these custom ids might leak out the email ids of the users. And leaving the email ids such open are a gift for the spammers. But still Google need to make an alternate to this feature. If you want a custom url even before Google gives you, try

Google is known for rapid updates of its products such as Chrome, which hits version 14 while the all-time favorites Firefox is still at 6. But with Google+, they did not want to take any risk. They did not want even a single negative comment on their most ambitious project. Usually Apple is known for keeping things at the dark. Google tried the same with Google+ without leaving even a speck of doubt. And that went well in fact. G+ hit the right people at the right time. But taking too much of time to implement new features will leave the early adopters of Google+ to go back to Facebook. And this is something that Google would never want..

Need a Google+ invite?

Still can’t find a way to get into Google+? Let me share you what i have got. Let me know who want to have an invite. I will send you an invite, as you cannot sign up directly trough the Google Plus page. Just drop in with your email id and i will send you an invite.


Just want to reshare what Khaja Moinuddin Mohammed has given me.. 🙂

Google+ : What’s in and what’s up?

Less than 48 hours since the Google+ launch. What does really Google+ targets? Though Google+ is a mixture of a lot of content and Google says there is yet to come, it is all tied with the main concept, the Circles. And this circles, much hyped as the future of social networking haven’t been picked up by the other two major players. Facebook have the Lists option which allows you filter your friends by category, it is almost hidden. It could be seen only on the options in the Chat pop-up. While twitter created the lists, but that failed to make up to what it was actually designed for. Can Google get the things straight?

The Right Cord:


Google+ was a top-secret within the company until it revealed itself. And that was a very right start for them. They did not want any real hype on launching such a big project. Indeed if it lacks even a single bit, then they fail because of the tremendous amount of hype that it had generated before launch. The one that happened with the Google wave and Google +1. So, they got the start right.


Another reason for the failure of Google wave is the very slow rolling out process. It means though you have got the invite and all ready to go waving, there would be none to accompany you. And you have to wave all alone. Google plus did the things right. Though they are still in the field test, they now offer invites ( and probably unlimited, as opposed to the initial 20 in Wave) to add all your friends.


And yes, the big thing – the Circles. This is not something new for Google. They have already tried this group sharing in the sinking ship, Orkut. But eventually it failed as it was integrated with the Scraps, and in course there were no news feeds – only scraps in Orkut. But as a concept Circles did well even there. And it will do here too.

Visual appeal:

Yuk.. The one thing where Google never won a battle. It had tried a lot on the visual thing and it seems they have got it this time. Adding and removing a friend to a circle is a pleasure. Hats off Google!

Take a note Google:

So far, all good for Google. But this is not the end. One thing i have seen is that you can add a friend/follower to just one circle. That is there is no intersecting circles. For example, if i have a friend, who is my schoolmate as well as collegemate, i can add him to any one of the circles only. This limits him from seeing what i share in the other circle. There is a way for it to create a new circle for School & College mates, and post the same for both but that’s not a better idea.We need this Google!”

And finally though they have got fairly unlimited invites to give out, they put up this on the site..

“Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

I haven’t got my hands to the Google+ yet, though i have got a invite. Meanwhile if you need an invite visit or let your e-mail id in the comments and i will send you an invite as soon as i get access to Google+. After all social is all about sharing..